FEC Property Manager Representative


 Common & Alternate Asset

Rehab Management Specialists

with LLC, Corporation or Joint Venture 


Real & Personal Replacement Property

for Exchange or Direct Acquisition

What we do

We consistently valuate the most attractive and advantaged real estate income properties for your approval.

Properties currently available - several properties presently for acquisition or joint venture


​Small to Larger acre field properties available - Off-market and private property inventory varies - other states available

Inquiries invited for these private real estate opportunities   Confidentiality-Non Disclosure Agreement


FEC offers managed ownership with significant proven income plus maximum deductions!

 For additional advantages for ownership verses producing land or commercial property plus significant tax potential savings go to advantages.


Diversified Family Estate Asset Planning  -  Eliminate Hassles - Management & Tax Work - Keep Best Assets - Exchange for Better Asset


Reduce debt while maintaining income goals

Significant benefits for FEC income property rehab

1031FEC model strong points minimize owner risk and management.

Comprehensive management with active participation tax advantages

Collect - harvest current on going production 365 days a year

Optional monthly income with depletion or principal reduction tax advantage

Pay No Tax - most significant tax deductions - all income classes - CPA inquires invited

Fixed price - one price - no future cash calls

Rehabilitated - reworked - updated - redeveloped & modernized for efficient income & accelerated gain properties

Improvement goal yield 2 to 5 times = Asset appreciation

Two to Three year exit goal - receive asset appreciation profit- can sell when wish

Tax deferral - defer or eliminate capital gains (IRC 1031, 179 453M qualified) - invite your CPA

Pay No Tax - can replace a 1031exchange without IRS time or $ limits

Pay No Tax - can roll replacement gain into a 1031exchange

Financial & Production Reports

Monthly income, production and rehab report

IRA & Family Office qualified - Increase Family wealth

Shorter term ownership (three year goal) - Integrate Estate & Financial Plans

Increase returns - reduce current and future income taxes



     Why FEC ?

1031FEC is experienced with years in diversified property income production. FEC offers absolute comprehensive managers for

real estate owners desiring significant income and tax advantages while maintaining a more passive management role because of

other business commitments, retirement goals or asset diversification. 

FEC is a property managers division of Financial Exchange Coterie

Inquire about Sale - Leaseback, exchanges and 179 with Bonus Tax Advantage for 1245 inherent properties
For Current or Future Projects Contact us

Stop Beneficiary Conflict  www.LegacyChange.com for Economical - Simple Estate Plan

Go here For More Detail or Free CPA Consultation

We recommend consultation with your personal and business Tax Advisors.


Ken Wheeler Jr. Direct Mobile 1(515) 238-9266

FEC Property Manager Representative

Real Estate & Asset Titling - Exit Strategies

Financial Exchange Coterie

Florida International Trade Center

5654 Marquesas Circle    Sarasota, FL 34233

www.1031FEC.com     www.1LessTax.com

E-mail: info@1031FEC.com

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Message 1(941) 227-3024  or Direct 1(515) 238-9266    800-333-0801     Fax: 888-898-6009

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Business Entry-Management-Exit Plans - BEME

Tax - Legal - Estate - Tax - Exit Strategies & Planning


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