FEC Property Manager Representative


 Common & Alternate Energy Rehab Management Specialists

with LLC, Corporation or Joint Venture 


Real & Personal Replacement Property

for Exchange or Direct Acquisition

Our Associates

FEC Sophisticated Qualified Viewer Status

Our FEC associates are brokers, advisors, representatives or former advisors to their funding clients.

FEC considers a qualified and accredited viewer of selected private business projects to  

Who are our business partners is more significant then the income project resulting in an opportunity.

1) have integrity with business experience

2) have experience in business valuation and finance

3) have assets and advisors that display experience

4) have net worth that supports business venture or involvement without sacrificing lifestyle

5) have accredited financial status of assets over one million dollars less residence, in most scenarios $5M to $50M+.

6) risk tolerance that sustains the business venture of choice

  Thank you for your business and consideration.

FEC is a property managers division of Financial Exchange Coterie

Note: Your Tax Advisor is your final advisor for consultation. We recommend financial decision consultation with your personal and business Tax Advisors.

FEC Property Manager Representatives

Real Estate & Asset Titling - Exit Strategies

Financial Exchange Coterie

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Fax: 888-898-6009

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