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Advantages of FEC absolute managed income properties
verses standard agriculture crop income property
Another Proven Crop (commodity) for Income Diversification

As inflation, deflation, Federal Reserve moves and politicians play with our lives and assets a move to diversification of our assets, land and real estate holdings is recommended by most financial experts.


75% of real estate is leased. To be among the owners is fortunate.


When land passes to the next generation fortunately, and many times unfortunately, many of the next generation do not want the land or the legacy of sweat, work and pride it carries. The result is the land is sold to strangers and neighbors for the cash the current generation wishes.


There is an alternative. Transfer part or all of the land into another crop that is proven yield in that it will create income with as ones current crop the question will be how much profit and income.  This proven crop yields cash 365-24/7 by contracting the complete real estate management to experienced management.  Ownership by deed and consistent income is possible with all expenses, equipment, and functions through harvest and delivery are included with monthly reports.  The deed and income the now generation wishes can be transferred now or later as a continuing cash benefit for current and future generations.


What many land owners do not realize is that this country has comprehensive-absolute managed real estate that can produce proven decades and centuries of significant income.


We work with real estate is proven producing mineral rights real estate, with a court recorded to an owner verses group of owners as we have seen by marketers who generally know little to nothing about income from real estate except a script of words.

By the end of 2019, over $15 trillion worth of inheritance will pass through the probate courts in America. The #1 asset sold first is the real estate. We inform and can assist for efficient transfer of asset ownership.

FEC  Property Managers or FEC is the comprehensive and absolute property management answer who allow land owners and sellers wishing to diversify to passive income with the advantage of direct deed ownership with significant tax advantage. A M&A background and experience in agriculture and energy allow FEC and Ken Wheeler Jr. to be familiar with tax advantages some tax professionals may not encounter.


Advantages of FEC 

absolute managed income properties

verses farm or crop income property.

No weather worries

No management worries

No insect or animal worries

No rolling stock worries

No planting or land preparation worries

Harvesting 365 days a year 24/7

No harvest or delivery worries

Proven crop-commodity delivery

Proven crop-commodity reserves decades-centuries

No renter or lease worries

No marketing worries of when to sell

Best tax deductions 

Monthly cash flow delivered to you or digitally to your bank

Monthly reports


Records maintained

Experienced professional management

Advantages of FEC 

absolute managed income properties

verses commercial or residential income property


No weather or deterioration of materials worries

No management worries

No insect or animal worries

No replacement of building mechanical equipment worries

No roof replacement or parking worries


Less chance of wind, fire, flood or tenant damage


No tenant or rent collection worries

No lease marketing for renters

No renter legal or lease worries


Best tax deductions


No marketing for tenants

Collect income while vacationing or at a fun job


Monthly cash flow direct to you or digitally to your bank


Monthly reports

Records maintained


Experienced professional management





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What is Energy Rehab (rehabilitation/redevelopment)?


Redevelopment of mature oil & gas fields

Redevelopment means the rejuvenation of a mature producing oilfield which has reached its limit or has been abandoned with the use of conventional primary-development approaches. It starts a new development cycle of the field by modernizing the original well network; redeploying a development well pattern consisting of horizontal and special-structured wells, or of vertical wells drilled with new technologies; and changing the displacement types, displacement methods and seepage approaches, or combining different displacement media, in order to significantly enhance the ultimate recovery factor.

Major technical measures used for redevelopment

Redevelopment engages a series of technical measures, including restudying reservoirs and the distribution of residual oil by using 3D seismic, high-precision dynamic monitoring, fine reservoir description, and detailed characterization of reservoir structure; abandoning the conventional vertical well pattern to rebuild new layer series of development, new well networks, new well types and new well-completion modes that are highly adaptable to reservoir characteristics; reconstructing safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and highly automated surface process flows with highly efficient wellbore uplift; and reestablishing new and advanced development schemes based on steam flooding, SAGD (steam-assisted gravity drainage), immiscible flooding, combustion drive, gravity-assisted water flooding, horizontal wells or complex structured wells.



Potential Tax Advantages


One tax-advantaged business class continues to stand alone above all others:


United States Domestic OIL & GAS Business


Comprehensive management with active participation tax advantages 469. Working interest and passive investment:   If one owns a working interest in any oil or gas property, either directly or through an entity that doesn't limit the taxpayer's liability with respect to the interest, it is non-passive activity, regardless of the taxpayer's participation.

Oil and gas deductions may be deducted from all classes of income allowing other income to be tax advantaged.


Domestic energy production allows for a litany of tax Incentives available for oil & gas investors that are found nowhere else in the IRS tax code.


No other investment category in America can compete with the amount of tax Incentives that are available to the USA oil & gas industry.


One of the most enticing tax break for investors. This incentive excludes from taxation 15% of all gross income from oil & gas wells.


IRC 1031, IRC 1033 179 or IRC 453 for tax deferral can be used when selling real estate then exchanging into many oil & gas income ownerships.

Many oil & gas income ownerships have significant tax advantage (469 exclusion) to replace a 1031 exchange without time or $ restraints.



Include all expenses but the actual drilling equipment. These expenses generally constitute 65-80% of the total cost of drilling a well and are 100% DEDUCTIBLE in the year incurred.

Actual direct cost of the drilling equipment. These expenses are 100% DEDUCTIBLE but must be depreciated over 7 years.

Include all expenses but the actual drilling equipment. These expenses generally constitute 65-80% of the total cost of drilling a well and are 100% DEDUCTIBLE in the year incurred.

Includes purchase of lease & mineral rights, lease operating costs, all administrative, legal & accounting expenses. 100% DEDUCTIBLE in the year they are incurred. Generally up to 80% of initial funding is deductible to all income classes. Your Tax Advisor is your final advisor for consultation.


Every tax situation requires one's individual tax advisors.  The 2018 Section 179 expanded advantages appears to to move times when up to a $5M or less funding of a rehabilitation or drilling energy project could have close to 100% immediate tax deduction of funded amount. Larger funding could ahve significant advantages. 1031FEC Property Managers have projects with CPA involvement that a client's CPA could advantage the resource.

What Is the Section 179 Deduction?

Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year. That means that if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL purchase price from your gross income. Its an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves.

Section 179 at a Glance for 2018

  • 2018 Deduction Limit = $1,000,000 (one million dollars)
  • 2018 Spending Cap on Equipment Purchases = $2,500,000
  • Bonus Depreciation is 100%

NOTE: FEC Property Managers, their principals, management, and consultants are not tax advisors or legal advisors and do not offer personal tax advice or legal advice. It is recommended that each participant in oil & gas positions have independent tax advisors familiar with the participant's personal and business comprehensive income, tax and estate planning positions in their state of tax responsibility and a tax advisor experienced in IRS tax code for energy business.  LLC or joint venture vehicles.


Tax Defer-Deduct Comparison

Your Tax Advisor is your final advisor for consultation. We recommend financial decision consultation with your personal and business Tax Advisors.

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Over 70 Investment Criteria

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