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Miss your 45 day limit to identify IRS 1031 exchange

replacement property or 180 day limit to complete title exchange?


There are alternatives for you  See 1LessTax.


Please do not accept funds held by your 1031 Intermediary or Accommodator before visiting with your 1031FEC consultant.  You may qualify to continue to defer capital gains tax.


Please E-mail ken@1031FEC.com, phone 800-333-0801, fax to 888-898-6009 to or complete contact form at Contact Us to find if your property and transfer qualifies.


We are a capital assets dealer representative specializing in capital gains tax deferral or deductible options for the following capital asset transfer:


  • Businesses

  • Flipping Homes

  • Any Real Estate Gain

  • Depreciation Recapture

  • Traded Stock

  • Partnerships

  • Equine

  • Precious Metals

  • Royalties

  • Intellectual Property

  • Limited liability companies

  • Professional practices

  • Personal residences

  • Art and antique collections

  • Contract rights

  • Loan portfolios

  • Lender-owned assets

  • Vacation Properties

  • Dividends

  • Precious Metals

  • Securities

Need tax credits or deductions while maintaining income?  Proven energy real estate with absolute comprehensive management can solve many tax situations.  Exceptional potential returns (ROI) with monthly income.  Wind energy development also has tax credit opportunities.  For more information please contact 1031FEC.

By the end of 2019, over $15 trillion worth of inheritance will pass through the probate courts in America. The #1 asset sold first is the real estate. We inform and can assist for efficient transfer of asset ownership.

We Welcome You to our 1031 Property Exchange and Asset Tax Planning Web Site.  

*1 Capital Gains, depreciation recovery, and other taxes may be deferred and possibly avoided by the owner at owner death passing ownership to heirs at the property current new basis.  With proper tax and estate planning, financial position, applicable current tax rules, and professional, experienced tax advisor assistance, one could pay no tax. Inquire to 1031 FEC at toll free telephone number 800.333.0801 for more detail.

**2 Financial Exchange and 1031FEC Consultants recommend that transfer of property be approved by a client's experienced business legal and/or tax advisors.  This web site's "Investment" web page contains a partial survey of current available real estate provider properties.  The properties may be subscribed before noted.  Information is obtained from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Investors should conduct their own independent due diligence and rely only on those results. Generic photos on this web site may not represent specific past, future or current 1031 FEC client properties.  1031 Qualified Intermediary fees paid by the Party wishing to Defer Tax (Exchanger).  Please inquire to 1031 FEC for current USA property availability, required client qualification and fees at toll free telephone number 800.333.0801.  Thank you.

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