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Matching Clients with  Premium Income Investments of Agriculture, Commercial & Energy Properties for 1031 Exchange

and Direct Purchase







Mineral Rights Royalty Income

Medical Buildings


Senior Housing

We qualify Premium Property primariy Zero Debt eligible for 1031 tax-deferral and direct investment including:

Medical Buildings


Mineral Rights-Royalties Income Property

Undeveloped Land

Senior Housing

Self Storage

1031 FEC can assist to locate a 1031 facilitator (Qualified 1031 Intermediary "QI") for your location

Tax Credits

Phone 800-618-9681 or E-mail 1031FEC





Oil & Gas and Other Mineral Rights Exchanges & Tax Savings

Higher Risk Alternative









Current Premium Properties

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Survive the nest recession and thrive with inflation * Diversify & Protect your Retirement Portfolio with Conservative Real Estate Cash Flow

Private Market & Development Opportunities by Deed (Not a DST)

1031FEC Current Managed Premium Income Replacement Properties*

1031FEC Premium opportunities are created one or more real estate investors have ownership of one managed property. Fully managed with no debt. long-term, single tenant, NNN & absolute leased properties backed by corporate guarantees to help ensure strength in the asset. Combining resources allow several with smaller dollar amounts afford a larger property and its advantages. Most Private Development are not easily visible on the Internet. Premium Replacement opportunities consistently change with availability and are in multiple states. Ask about Income Property with Tax Credit. For complete current replacement opportunities please contact 1031FEC. 800.333.0801 or 515.238.9266 direct - Qualified 1031 tax deferred      RETURN To Home Page

Most NNN Leased 15-20 years

Insurance, real estate taxes & maintenance paid by renter.

Surgical Center AR

No Debt

Surgical Center TX

No Debt

Medical Emergrency Center UT #1

No Debt

Dollar General TN

No Debt

Industrial Warehouse OK

50% Debt

Medical Emergency Center IL (SOLD)

No Debt

Amazon Warehouse TX

50% Debt

Dollar Tree FL

No Debt

Auto Parts AZ SOLD

No Debt

Fresenius Medical Center AL SOLD

No Debt

Pharmacy (To be announced) WVA

? Debt

Dollar General TN (To be announced)

No Debt

KinderCare MN SOLD

$1.75M-No Debt

98 Year Ground Lease NY SOLD

$26M-85% Debt in place

1,526 Acre Tree Farm GA SOLD

$3.7M-No Debt

Absolute Lease MI SOLD

$5M No Debt

Above NNN Leased 8-20 years.  NNN Lease is insurance, real estate taxes and maintenance paid by renter. Absolute Lease (No owner expense) covers all.

 Properties may have a may be one owner or multiple owners (TIC) 


The U.S. states that collect an inheritance tax as of 2020 are IowaKentucky

MarylandNebraskaNew Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Each has its own laws dictating who is exempt from the tax, who will have to pay it, and how much they'll have to pay.


Need deductions while maintaining income?  Producing Gas and Oil Fields with rehab, rework and development can solve many tax situations.  

Premium producing mineral rights royalties can be significant monthly cash flows with no maintenance, liability or expense.  Monthly payments by companies as Shell, Exxon, Chesapeake and others. Tax and Inflation Advantages. 1031 eligible. Recommend 25+ years production minimum appraisal with 14% minimum return on investment since residual value may reduce.  For more information please contact 1031FEC                    RETURN To Home Page


Multiple Acres - Mineral Rights SOLD



Multiple Acres - Mineral Rights


$6M and other when available


Developable Ag 2,200A SOLD



Ocean View Land 9k Sq Ft

Hawaii  SOLD


Mountain View Land 1A SOLD



Ocean View Land 1A SOLD



Ocean View Land 4+A SOLD



Ocean View Land .37A SOLD



Land Bank - Farm - Ranches &

 Recreational Property by Request  to Meet Your Goals - Contact Us

Ask About Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska Real Estate Investment Opportunities.

For $1 Million to $100+ Million Real Estate Project Opportunities

Contact   K. B. (Ken) Wheeler

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What are the steps to complete a 1031 exchange transaction?

  1. The property owner locates a buyer for his/her replacement or business property.

  2. The property owner informs 1031FEC of his/her property details and goals. 1031FEC assists to locate and qualify premier property for exchange and assist and advise property owner to an IRS qualified exchange.

  3. A 1031 facilitator (1031 Qualified Intermediary "QI") transfers the property on the owner's behalf and places the sales proceeds in an escrow account (to keep them outside of the owner's control and qualify the sale as a 1031).

  4. Within 45 days after the original property sale, one or more replacement properties must be identified.

  5. Within **180 days after the original sale, the transaction must be completed.  Contact 1031FEC for more details about this time limit.  **May be less than 180 days with tax date limits.

Note:  Some properties may be purchased by more than one entity. They then are tent-in-common deed (TIC). Some real estate sponsor principals and their TIC property management firms require Accredited Investor status to exchange or purchase TIC property. 

A "Reserve Offer" is an offer made to a property that has reached the maximum investor limit, but one could replace another investor who rescinds an initial offer.  

The U.S. states that collect an inheritance tax as of 2020 are IowaKentucky

MarylandNebraskaNew Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Each has its own laws dictating who is exempt from the tax, who will have to pay it, and how much they'll have to pay.

Pay No Tax - Properly Structured Tax Free Gain & Partial Tax-Free Income

NOTE: Real Estate Offerings are subject to errors, omissions, prior sale, change or withdrawal without notice, and approval of purchase by owner. Information regarding land classifications, acreages, carrying capacities, potential profits, etc., are intended only as general guidelines and have been provided by sources deemed reliable, but whose accuracy we cannot guarantee. Prospective buyers should verify all information to their satisfaction. Prospective buyers should also be aware that the photographs in this brochure may have been digitally enhanced. Photos may not be actual property.

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