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Real Estate Privacy Trusts


The advantages of owing real estate through a Real Estate Privacy Trust (Land Trust):

  • 1. Privacy of Ownership - Under a Land Trust arrangement, your identity as the legal owner of the real estate is not disclosed to the public or to any third party, except in cases of subpoena or court order.
  • 2. Ease of Transferability - The beneficiary (or "owner") of a Land Trust  may be changed without recording a change in the public records.
  • 3. Avoids Probate - Probate is usually necessary regardless of whether or not one has a will. A Land Trust  arrangement, however, allows you to designate succession of ownership exactly as you wish, thereby avoiding probate and costly, time-consuming proceedings relating to the property.
  • 4. Facilitates Multiple Ownership - Where there are multiple owners of a parcel of real estate, a Land Trust  can be structured to provide for clear and easy legal direction.
  • 5.Retain Tax Advantage - You are still eligible for the homeowner's and senior citizen's real estate tax exemptions.

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Many owners wish to sell from management intensive property to fully managed and less risk foundation income property that is held for the step up basis allowing beneficiaries to sell with no tax.


Note to owners of real estate in different states may have estate and /or income tax

for property in a state other than the state of residence that may have no estate (inheritance) tax or state income tax.


Why not a will or have no will to probate?

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