Ken Wheeler Jr.

National Asset Transfer

Estate-Residential Caretaker 2018 - Current

Health Drink Distributor  2017 - Current

Income Property Rehab Principal 2016 - Current

National Capital Assets Dealer 2016 - Current

Florida Real Estate Broker - Business Broker  2013 - Current

Bridge-Mezzanine-Land-Business-Construction Funding  2013 - Current

Investment Advisor Representative  2011 - 2012     

Investment Banking Consultant  2000 - Current

CEO, Financial Exchange  1989 - Current

Registered Representative  1986 - 2010 

IRA Real Estate Transfers  1986 - Current

Tax Advantaged Asset Specialist  1986 - Current

§1031.1033.721 Exchange Consultant 1031FEC  1986 - Current 

Iowa Real Estate Broker - Business Broker 1984 - 2018

Mergers & Acquisitions Intermediary  1983 - Current 

Commercial General Contractor  1967 - 1983

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Real Property

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IRA Real

Estate Transfer


Financial Exchange Coterie - 1031FEC

Florida International Trade Center

5654 Marquesas Circle

Sarasota, FL 34233-3331


National: 800.333.0801 or 941.227.3024

    Mobile: 515.238.9266

Fax: 888.898.6009

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Skype: kenneth.wheeler65

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kenwheeler65/

Licensed Real Estate Broker Florida BK3284149 


Income Property Rehab - BEME - Funding 


Inflation Protection with Significant Conservative Income

1031 Tax Free Exchange or Direct Purchase

Managed farm land-timberland-energy land has real estate income flow

Self (Mini) Storage - Managed

Oil-Gas Production - Absolute & Semi-Comprehensive Management

Coal Mineral Rights Land

Timberland - Managed

Farmland -  Managed

Recycle Facilities - Managed

Landbank - Sporting Land

Vegatable-Organic Farm Land

 Medical Buildings 15-20 year step up leases-NNN-Absolute-No debt

Industrial Buildings-NNN Leased

Senior Housing - Master Leased

No debt - Long Leases in Place  Debt Available

Reserve your intent to purchase as available.

Minimum number of tenant-in-common owners property with debt in place or no debt - Class A  - low vacancy history-higher income for qualified acquisition

Wealth Preservation & Growth

Confidential Commercial/Land Real Estate/Business Consultants   -   Tax & Estate Planning Real Estate Exit Strategies   Replacement Properties for Buyers/Sellers with Asset Transfer Privacy Preference

    • IRS Section 1031 - 1033 - 721 Exchange Investments

    • National Capital Assets Dealer

    • Zero (No debt) Assets

    • Asset Sale Tax Straddling

    • Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

    • Gifting Real Estate Interests

    • Installment Sale

    • Joint Use of IRC Sections 121/453/1031

    • Self-directed IRA for land and alternative investments

    • Asset Transfer Plan Consultation

    • Asset Transfer Information Accumulation

    • Asset Valuation

    • Asset Debt Reduction and Debt Elimination Planning  

    • Customer-Client Transition Considerations

    • Business/Property Closing Transaction Assistance

    • Post-Asset Transfer Service

    • Tax-Advantaged Asset Transfer Structuring

    • Tax-Deferred Exchange Alternatives

    • Asset Accumulation, Preservation and Transfer Alternatives

    • Environmental and Geological Control Assistance

    • Merger or Acquisition

    • Energy Land Rehab

    • Farm & Ranch Alternative Business Development Advisor

    • Retirement Benefit Analysis

    • Financial-Estate-Philanthropic Planning Projection

    • Business Continuation - Succession Alternatives  

    • Perpetual Legacy Trust

    • Asset & Financial Prospectus Organization for Mergers and Acquisitions-Transfer Review  

    • Connection and Qualification of Prospective Buyers, Sellers, Lessees & Business Partners

    • Financing Alternatives Consultation and Assistance  

    • Asset Transfer Contract Intermediation-Negotiations

    • Employee Transition Considerations

    • Customer-Client Transition Considerations

    • Business/Property Closing Transaction Assistance

    • Post-Asset Transfer Service

    • Employee Transition Considerations

    • Corporate Finance - Investor Banking

    • Bridge-Mezzanine-Land-Construction Loans

    • Business Ownership - Development Coaching  

    • Business Plan Review

    • Business Exit Planning

    • Strategic Comprehensive Business Planning - Master Plan Development

    • Asset Valuation

    • Strategic Comprehensive Business Planning - Master Plan Development

    • Business Buyout Funding Contracts-Sale/Lease Back

    1031 - 1033 - 721 - 453 - 121 - Rehab Energy Exchange Investments

1031 Exchange Premium Income Properties


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Real Estate & Asset Titling - Exit Strategies

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Information at this 1031 FEC web site does not constitute an offer to buy or sell securities.  An offer to buy or sell securities can only be made through an offering memorandum.  Ken Wheeler and 1031 FEC offer full service consultant and property locater services that do not include securities investments.  Kenneth Wheeler is a licensed Iowa Real Estate Broker and licensed Florida Real Estate Broker.

Information contained herein is for the purpose of introduction and general product education and is provided on a best efforts basis from publicly available sources and is not guaranteed to be accurate.  Certain properties require inquiries by
Accredited Investors.

Formal inquiries must refer to a specific Private Placement Memorandum and/or Prospectus for specific and detailed information.  All potential investors must read the Memorandum and/or Prospectus, and no person may invest without acknowledging receipt and complete review of the Memorandum and/or Prospectus.  Private Placement Investments may be suitable for accredited or qualified investors only.  When considering an investment past performance is no guarantee of future results.


Financial Exchange Coterie - 1031 FEC and Kenneth Wheeler recommend that one's consideration of investment be counseled by a qualified tax advisor familiar with one's personal and business asset position.

Transactions subject to the  U. S. A. PATRIOT ACT

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One's property of value inevitably transfers ownership, with or without one's wishes.  

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