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1LessTax & PayNoTax Alternatives For Property & Business

Reduce, Exclude or Defer Tax for Income or Proceeds   

     Reduce High Tax Bracket      

Gain Wealth by Saving Tax

Protect Income

  Keep your Money

CPA Approval 



1031*1033*721 Tax Deferred Exchange

Updated Tax Deferred Exchange & Tax Exclusion Codes


453 Contract * Deferred

453 Monetary Contract

Newer Tax Code Income & Exit Strategies 

For Real Estate - Businesses - Residence - Securities - Valued Assets

High Income - IRA & 401k Retirement Plans - Annuities

Qualified Business Sale Gain Tax Exclusion      Your Business Qualify?

Ask us:

Your Own Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zones &

plus more


1045 Business Exchange

1202 Business Exclusion

Roth IRA, 401k & HSA

469 Energy & Ag Rehab

LegacyChange Plan

Perpetual Trust









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Tax & Estate Plan Burdens?

High Income?   

 Property Disqualified For IRS 1031 Tax Deferral?

Flipping Homes or Selling Any Real Estate?

Reduce, Pay Less or No Tax Alternatives

Assure You & Your CPA Are Aware of New Options 

Pay No Tax With/Without Alternative Income Properties


Tax Free Capital Gains Plus Protect Income


For Retirement Plan Tax Reduction

Businesses, Property, Assets and Income May Qualify


Protect Business, Home, Personal Property Proceeds


Tax Solutions and Ideas to Reduce Tax Burden


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What are your alternative advantages-solutions to your tax challenges? 

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Prevent Heir/Beneficiary Conflict for Economical, Simple Estate Plans



Protect Taxable Gain                                  Confidentiality-Non Disclosure Agreement                                    Protect Income

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Your Own Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zones


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